Five Must-Visit Cities in Iran

Iran, the land of ancient history and modern-day beauty. This country has been a centre of attention for centuries because it is one of the most strategically important countries in Western Asia. With its diverse landscape and rich culture, Iran is a must-visit destination on your next vacation.

To help you out we have compiled 5 must-visit cities in Iran that will be sure to leave you breathless with their natural beauty.

1. Tehran

Iran’s capital city is a must-visit regardless of your reason for being in the country. Tehran has all the beauty and culture that you look for when travelling to other countries, with its immaculate parks, historical monuments and rich architecture it will be sure to impress even those tourists who have been around the block a few times.

For any history buffs out there, don’t miss going back through time at one of Tehran’s many museums including The National Museum Of Iran where you can explore ancient Persian artefacts or peruse textiles from India and Pakistan dating as far back as 100 BC.

Tehran also offers plenty in terms of shopping so if fashion is your thing then check out some local boutiques along Valiasr Street or for something a little more high-end head to the Tajrish Bazaar.

2. Shiraz

Shiraz is Iran’s fifth-largest city and offers tourists the opportunity to explore a little bit of everything.

With its rich history dating back more than 5000 years, Shiraz has plenty for you to do if none of your motivations is shopping or drinking it all in at people-watching cafes on beautiful streetscapes.

Head out into the countryside with trips to Pasargadae, Persepolis (one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites) where you can see ruins from some of Persia’s greatest rulers like Cyrus The Great, Darius I & Xerxes; no trip would be complete without venturing up Mt. Kabul where there will most likely not only be views that take your breath away but also local men playing traditional music for you to take in.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then Shiraz has plenty more on offer including the historic Khan Madrassa, Vakil Mosque and gardens with Bahman Palace just a few examples of what this beautiful city offers.

Shiraz is also home to some excellent shopping so be sure not to miss out when exploring the bazaars or head over to Khuzestan Shopping Centre if malls are more up your alley.

3. Isfahan

Isfahan is often considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and with its many historical sites, it’s not hard to see why.

The city was once the capital of Persia and is full of stunning architecture like Naqsh-e Jahan Square ( UNESCO World Heritage Site) which is also known as “Imam Square” and is home to some of the most impressive mosques in Iran including The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and The Imam Mosque.

Other attractions within this square that are worth a visit include: Ali Qapu Palace, Hasht Behesht Pavilion, Chehel Sotoun Palace and Khaju Bridge.

If you’re feeling adventurous then Isfahan has plenty more to offer like the Jameh Mosque which is said to be one of the oldest in Iran, The Vank Cathedral which is an Armenian Orthodox church or for those who love nature, visit Hashtgerd Garden.

Isfahan is also well-known for its textiles and if you’re looking to do some shopping then this is the city for you. Head to the bazaar and be sure to barter with the locals, it’s all part of the fun.

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4. Yazd

Although it’s considered one of the drier provinces in Iran, Yazd has plenty to offer tourists when visiting the country.

With its unique architecture and Zoroastrian culture (Zoroastrians believe that fire is a symbol of God), this city will be sure to leave you with memories for years to come.

The most notable form of architecture within Yazd include wind catchers which are often seen along streets throughout the town and were built so rooms could stay cool during summer months without using electricity or fans. Other attractions include: Jameh Mosque

This mosque dates back more than 800 years and was originally constructed as a Zoroastrian temple before being converted into a mosque; Dowlat Abad Garden – Considered an Iranian Garden of Eden, this garden was constructed in the early 1900s and is unique because it consists of four connected gardens that are each separated by waterfalls; Zoroastrian Fire Temple – This fire temple is one of only two existing temples worldwide dedicated to the practice.

5. Kerman

Kerman, the capital city of Kerman Province is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience all that Iran has to offer.

Although it’s not as busy or crowded compared other cities in the country, Kerman offers its visitors plenty of things to do and see including Jameh Mosque – This mosque dates back more than 800 years and was originally constructed as a Zoroastrian temple before being converted into a mosque; Arg-e Bam

One of the world’s largest adobe structures which used to serve as an ancient fortress but now serves as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Varzaneh Dunes – Home to windmills dating back hundreds of years, this desert region provides lots of opportunities for photography lovers; and Shahzad Garden – This garden is often called the “Narcissus Garden” because of the many pools full of water lilies.


From the ancient city of Shiraz to the bustling capital Tehran, there is a multitude of Iranian destinations worth seeing. We hope this list has given you some ideas for your next vacation or even just an excursion from Iran’s major cities to see how different parts of this beautiful country look and feel.

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