5 Must-Visit Cities of Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with many interesting cities to visit. Whether you are into martial arts, exploring old temples, or just want to enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, Japan has it all.

There’s no doubt that Japan offers something for everyone and these are just a few of the must-visit cities when travelling there. Be sure to do some research on your own to find attractions that interest you the most as there is definitely something for everyone in this amazing country. In this blog post, we will explore 5 must-visit Japanese cities that should not be missed when visiting the country.

1. Tokyo

The capital and largest city in the country, Tokyo offers visitors an endless array of activities to take part in like shopping at one of the many malls or visiting historic shrines and temples.

The beautiful views around town can be enjoyed while walking through different parks such as Yoyogi Park which has lots of free concerts that you can attend. There are also plenty of restaurants serving authentic Japanese food for those who enjoy trying out new things when travelling.

If you want to stay extremely busy during your trip then try visiting some museums such as the National Museum Of Nature And Science where there’s something new in every corner to see! Not far from central Tokyo lies Odaiba, an artificial island that is home to many large malls and amusement parks – perfect for a day of family fun.

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is another must-visit city in Japan. Formerly the capital of Japan, Kyoto is now a popular tourist destination for those who want to see traditional temples and gardens. One of the most popular temples in Kyoto is Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) which was originally built as a retirement home for a shogun but later turned into a Zen temple.

The surrounding gardens are also worth a visit with their carefully arranged rock gardens and ponds. For something more modern, head over to the Gion district where you can find many restaurants and shops catering to tourists – including geisha tea houses! Be sure to walk around Maruyama Park while in this district as it’s one of the most beautiful parks in all of Kyoto.

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3. Sendai

A large and vibrant city, Sendai is a great place for those who love nature as it offers lots of mountains and forests! For the best view over the area, head up Mt. Zao which can also make for an interesting hike if you like spending time outdoors (just watch out for bears).

If hiking isn’t your thing then check out Aoba Castle in downtown Sendai where visitors can learn about Japanese history while taking in stunning views from atop this UNESCO World Heritage Site castle whose original structure dates back to 1590. At night enjoy some tasty yakitori or go shopping at one of many malls that are located around town -‘s even a mall with a full amusement park located inside.

4. Hiroshima

Most famous for being the city where the atomic bomb was dropped, Hiroshima offers a lot more than just its tragic past. The Peace Memorial Museum and Park are both a must-visit when in town as they offer an insightful look into what happened on that fateful day in 1945.

Outside of the museum, there are many other attractions to be seen such as Itsukushima Shrine which is located on Miyajima Island (just make sure you don’t miss the last ferry back!). For those who want to learn about traditional Japanese culture, head over to Gokokuji Temple where visitors can see beautiful maple trees turning red and orange during autumn.

5. Nagasaki

Last but not least, Nagasaki is a must-visit city in Japan.

This port city is most famous for being the second place where an atomic bomb was dropped during World War II, however, it offers much more than just its dark past. Many tourists visit Nagasaki to see Glover Garden which features many Western-style buildings from when the area was open to foreigners in the mid-1800s.

For something more modern, check out Huis Ten Bosch – a theme park that is styled after The Netherlands with canals, windmills and tulips galore! There’s also great shopping to be had in Nagasaki with plenty of malls and street stalls selling all sorts of items. Be sure to try some local food while in town too – Nagasaki is famous for its seafood.

Conclusion: Thank you for reading our blog post about the 5 must-visit cities of Japan. We hope that it gave you some inspiration and ideas on where to go next. Be sure to check out other posts in this series if you want more tips from around the world. If there are any questions, please feel free to comment.

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