5 Must Visit Cities of India

India is a country that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or want to see some of the most spectacular nature on earth, India is a fantastic choice. With so many different cultures and religions packed into one large country, it’s no wonder there are so many incredible places to visit in India. In this blog post, we will share 5 must-visit cities in India.

1. Mumbai

This is one of the most populous cities in India and has a lot to offer. From vibrant street food stalls, beautiful architecture such as mosques and temples, Mumbai offers something for everyone. This city is especially famous for its Bollywood film industry with hundreds of films made each year. You can even take classes on dancing or singing if you want to learn more about this popular culture.

Mumbai is also home to many museums that will help you get a better understanding of Indian history and culture. There are also several gorgeous beaches near Mumbai so it’s perfect for some fun outdoor activities too! If you’re looking forward to an adventure while visiting this charming city then why not go paragliding off Mount Mary? It’s definitely an experience unlike any other.

2. Delhi

Delhi is another must-visit city in India. This vibrant, cosmopolitan capital offers a lot of culture and history to everyone who visits it. From the beautiful Red Fort that takes up one entire side of the Old Delhi wall to Humayun’s Tomb which was built by Emperor Humayun’s wife – this historical site is an architectural marvel.

If you’re looking for something fun at night then there are plenty of clubs, pubs and bars scattered around this Indian hub so people can spend their evenings enjoying some food, music or drinks with friends after work. The markets here also offer some interesting items such as intricately designed jewellery boxes made out of recycled paper along with other accessories like bags and scarves too.

3. Kolkata

This city is often overlooked but it’s definitely worth a visit. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and is home to beautiful colonial architecture as well as several temples and mosques. One of the most famous attractions in this city is The Victoria Memorial which was built between 1906-1921 in memory of Queen Victoria.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, Kolkata has some fantastic street food options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds – whether you want spicy or sweet dishes! There are also plenty of shopping areas here so you can find some great deals on souvenirs to take back home with you. Be sure to visit Howrah Bridge too – it’s one of the most iconic landmarks in India.

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4. Chennai

Chennai is another underappreciated city in India. It has a lot to offer for everyone who visits it and is often referred to as the “Gateway of South India.” This city offers some amazing food with dishes that are known around the world such as idli, vada, dosas along with filter coffee which you can have at any one of its numerous cafes.

If shopping is your thing then there are many malls here so people can shop till they drop without having to worry about how much time or money they’re spending.

Chennai also has several museums where visitors can go and learn more about this interesting country’s history and culture while getting up close and personal with their favourite actors from Indian films by visiting Madame Tussauds.

5. Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most hipster cities in India and also has plenty to offer for everyone. This city offers some excellent food with dishes such as biryani, butter chicken and naan bread just to name a few! There are several clubs here where people can go dancing after work along with pubs that serve delicious craft beers too.

If you’re looking forward to an adventure while visiting Bangalore then there’s no better way than by going on a zip-lining experience over Chamundi Hills which allows travellers not only amazing views but it will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Conclusion: India is a vast country with tons of incredible cities to visit. The 5 destinations we’ve outlined are just the start, but they should give you an idea about what your options are in this fascinating land. If you want more information on any one of these or other Indian cities, let us know and our team can get back to you right away. We look forward to getting started planning your next trip.

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