5 must-visit cities of Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has a rich history, delicious food, and amazing scenery. If you are looking for an adventure this summer, Austria is your destination. Here are 5 must-visit cities in Austria that will make your summer experience unforgettable:


The capital city of Austria, Vienna is also the largest city in this country. A number of museums are located here, including the Natural History Museum and Art History Museum to name a few. It has beautiful gardens as well which you can visit for free.

The other places that should be visited by every tourist include Belvedere Palace with gardens, the Schonbrunn Palace and Castle, St. Stephen’s Cathedral among others.

By visiting all these places in Vienna you will be able to experience a mix of many things including art galleries, museums, palaces which are not found anywhere else in this world. This is why it should definitely be visited by every tourist.


Salzburg is a must-visit city in Austria. The birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg has much to offer for history and music lovers alike.

A number of walking tours are available which allow visitors to see many different parts of the city center on foot or by bike. There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy good food and drink, from a refreshing beer at one of the many local pubs to a scrumptious meal in an authentic Austrian restaurant.

The cityscape is also worth experiencing during your stay. The Salzach River runs through the center of town with views including some iconic buildings such as Hohensalzburg Fortress which is perched atop a hill overlooking the city.


Graz is the second largest city in Austria and it’s located on the Mur River. The first mention of Graz dates back to 1180, but most importantly you can find evidence of human occupation from as early as 30,000 BC.

It has that great combination where there are some new buildings mixed with older ones so that makes it a very interesting city to explore with nice architecture. There is also an historical center which has some great cafe’s and restaurants so that makes for a good time in the evening when you just want to relax after your day of sightseeing.

Graz is known as Austrias green capital because it won this title back in 2003 due to its efforts to become environmentally friendly. I think that this definitely shows in the city because it seems like there are lots of parks and green spaces for you to enjoy when exploring Graz.

There is also a large university here, so if you want some company or just someone to show you around while visiting then students will be able to help with any questions you have.


Innsbruck, which is located in the westernmost state of Austria called Tyrol, has a great historic city center that is surrounded by mountains. In my personal opinion this city deserves at least one night to explore it and walk around its cobbled streets where you’ll find countless cafe’s and restaurants.

is a very hip city with lots of great bars and cafes which provide an alternative for those who want to escape the tourists in Vienna, but still experience something similar – just more local! One day exploring this city will definitely be enough as it’s quite small. But if you are looking for some nightlife, this is the place to be.

with its 12th century cathedral makes it a must-visit city when in Austria. This Gothic masterpiece has two towers that are connected by an enormous blue dome which you will see from miles away. The architecture of this church is truly something worth seeing and I suggest spending at least half a day to visit it.


Located in the center of Europe, this vibrant city is a must-visit for anyone who loves culture. While there you should visit some of their world-class museums like Ars Electronica Center and Lentos Art Museum.

Linz has many great things to do while visiting like shopping at one of their malls or having dinner downtown.

The people of Linz are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms to their beautiful city.

Linz is a must-visit city in Austria. – There are many activities and attractions for you to enjoy while visiting this great place.


If you are looking for a vacation destination with plenty of history, culture, and adventure then Austria is the place to be. From its fairytale castles to crystal clear lakes-Austria has something for everyone! Check out our 5 must-visit cities in Austria below. We hope they inspire your next winter getaway

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